Saturday, August 8, 2009

To circumnavigate

"To circumnavigate a place, such as an island, a continent, or the Earth, is to travel all the way around it. To go around instead of through. To travel completely around somewhere or something."

Our mission in the next few days is to
circumnavigate the Kingdom of Swaziland...on foot and possibly by bicycle if the going is a bit slow. We've only got 12 days to do it, starting the 11th August 2009.

The border of Swaziland is only 550km in length; not a big country... as countries go. But quite a good choice for two guys who are far from fit...and still struggling to shake off the effects of winter sniffs and snivels.

Why are we doing this?

The formal reason is probably something macho like:
"Keeping the spirit of adventure alive!", the underlying reason is more likely along the lines of two middle-aging guys not wanting to feel old.

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